Sorry I’ve been rather absent as of late, our summer here in NYC has been so wonderful, and I left for a vacation for a little while, so I really haven’t seen too much of my computer (which is sort of amazing, right?)

anyway… life lately as seen from my instagram …. northern michigan edition. 

My apartment made the Design Sponge 10 Favorite Brooklyn Apartments list this week!  I couldn’t be happier or more honored to have my place featured next to some beyond stunning spaces!  Check it out if you’re bored!

GEORGE! It’s my personal opinion that every American home needs a portrait of George somewhere. 

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Last weekend I photographed Governors Ball with my friend Julia for Paste Magazine.  

Click through to see the stories and photos we worked on together (all of the above are ones I took, however) 

Pardon the interruption from your regularly scheduled dreamy interior photos, but this is a little something I did in my spare time last weekend and it felt so good to pick up my camera again.

Today on the Bougie Brooklyn Kitchen: Tired of paying $10 for your favorite fancy jam? Pay $30 for the ingredients to make your own instead!! 

But really… I’m addicted to rosemary-blackberry jam, and I got tired of paying $10 a jar for it.  Decided to make my own, and it is AMAZING.  I even added a little fresh ginger for some kick.

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I feel like having an outdoor space like this in the city must be like having a pet unicorn. 

Those blues though.

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Another summer dream bedroom to lust after.  Cape Cod, anyone?

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Life in New York as of late.

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ashquang asked: Hi there! I just read your last post and loved that last line of yours; "It’s both inspiring and hysterical and I want to become their best friend," because I feel the EXACT same way! Lovelovelove Daniel, Max, and Manhattan Nest (once I tweeted a Daniel a question about Eames chairs and he tweeted back. It was deeply thrilling, completely made my day). Also, I have to tell you that I ADORE your apartment on Design Sponge and blog. Sorry if this was random, but I had to share :) Cheers!

hahaha, glad to hear others are big fans of Daniel and Max as well (I fear I’m a little late to the party.) What a dream, ya know??  One day I’ll find an old house and make it mine and cry over floor mishaps at 3am too.  Can’t wait.

Also, thank you for the lovely compliment!  It’s so exciting to hear when people have found their way here through the Design Sponge feature.  That was such fun.

Cheers to YOU!

My new favorite bag for summer came in the mail today!  

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Ideal Guest Bedrrom Scenario. To both host people in, and stay in myself! 

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Daniel and his fiance Max are basically living my This Old House dream come to life (dream house, dream demo, dream mess, dream refinishing, dreamdreamdream) out in Kingston, NY.  

I’m sure you already know about this blog, but just in case, take a read.  It’s both inspiring and hysterical and I want to become their best friend. 

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My Saturday felt way more like a Sunday.  Not Complaining. 

The start of Saturday dinner.

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