Anonymous asked: Hi Taylor, I saw your apartment featured on A Design Sponge while I was pinteresting some good "home" ideas. I'm about to move into my first studio space, and I'm essentially starting from scratch with furniture // decor. I absolutely adored these photos of your apartment, and was wondering if you'd be willing to lend some of your expertise. I'm so in love with the rustic coffee table, the dark 2 seater couch, and those gorgeous white chairs… would you be able to let me know of the brands?

Hello out there!

Congrats on getting your first space!  I remember how excited I was the first time I moved into an apartment of my very own back in college. 

To answer your questions, the couch and coffee table were both from west elm.  These were my big apartment splurges… I’d been using a hand-me-down coffee table from my mother’s college days, and my couch was something I picked up for $50 at a yard sale. When I moved to New York, I finally said goodbye to both and treated myself to pieces that I really loved (and knew would last.)

The white chairs I actually found at TJ Maxx for a total steal…. They originally had dark-wood legs, but I changed them a little to compliment my space by painting them the color you see in the photos, something I think a lot of people don’t realize they have the option to do when purchasing something new. Never be afraid to tweak something store-bought if it doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for.  

Hope these tips help, and thanks for the lovely compliment!!

Life lately as seen from my Instagram.

Hope you’re all out there having a great last weekend of summer.  While I’m ready for fall, I may just sneak out to the beach one last time for a proper goodbye. 

I could sing from the roofs, it feels like fall here in NYC today…. here’s a pretty table to look at to get you in the mood (despite the temperature where ever you may be)

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all of this, yes please.

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my ideal farmhouse situation. 

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Lonny Magazine is on point this month. 

Holy Shower.  How genius.  How gorgeous. I think I’d turn into a walking prune because I’d never get out. 

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Having a rainy holiday weekend here in NYC.  I know where I’d spend it if this reading nook were in my home… look at the fabric on that chair… be still my heart

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Have I posted this before?  Well, I don’t care.  I dream about this bathroom sometimes.  

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Sorry I’ve been rather absent as of late, our summer here in NYC has been so wonderful, and I left for a vacation for a little while, so I really haven’t seen too much of my computer (which is sort of amazing, right?)

anyway… life lately as seen from my instagram …. northern michigan edition. 

My apartment made the Design Sponge 10 Favorite Brooklyn Apartments list this week!  I couldn’t be happier or more honored to have my place featured next to some beyond stunning spaces!  Check it out if you’re bored!

GEORGE! It’s my personal opinion that every American home needs a portrait of George somewhere. 

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Last weekend I photographed Governors Ball with my friend Julia for Paste Magazine.  

Click through to see the stories and photos we worked on together (all of the above are ones I took, however) 

Pardon the interruption from your regularly scheduled dreamy interior photos, but this is a little something I did in my spare time last weekend and it felt so good to pick up my camera again.