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heaven is a place on earth. 

Also, is it summer yet?  

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 I want to write love letters to this room.

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Here’s a picture of the Apartment Therapy crew and photographer Melanie Acevedo (who has also photographed everyone from Michelle Obama, and Brad Pitt, to Jenna Lyons!) hanging out in my bedroom.  I had such a blast with them and feel so honored to have shared my home with them. 

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I had the extreme honor and pleasure of having Apartment Therapy come hangout in my home this weekend to take photographs of my apartment for their upcoming book (eeeeeeeeeeee!) 

Yesterday my favorite little coasters were Maxwell’s daily find!  How fun! Click through to see the little blurb he wrote about them and a brief mention of my home! 


Yes, I’d like one nook desk, please.  and that rug.  OH THAT RUG. 

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you guuuuuys.   YOU GUYSSSSS.  This kitchen.  Thiisssssss kitttttchennnn.


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I’d like my life to look a little more like this, please.  

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This famous print is for sale over in the Domino Magazine Shop for $65.  I know this thing is everywhere, but I can’t help it… I’ve wanted this print for years…. that means I should get it for myself for Valentine’s Day, right?  I mean, I can buy myself a valentine… that’s acceptable, right?

howtolivelovely asked: Hi there :) I wanted to let you know that I might have been as equally as excited as you when I saw you were featured on Design Sponge (maybe not equally, but still). I go to IU too, about to graduate from Interior Design school. I love your blog, apartment, style, etc. Just wondering, what do you do in your job now? What did you study here at this beautiful campus? xx Madelyn

Hi Madelyn!! Thank you SO very much!  So nice to hear from a fellow Hoosier, haha.  

I moved to New York to work at J.Crew/Madewell in their corporate office.  It’s just your standard fresh outta college level position, but I love it! 

While I was at IU I studied journalism and history, so basically nothing related to what I do now, but that happens, I guess. At least I got to spend some of my life on that beautiful campus. 

Congrats to you on graduating, and thank you again for the lovely message! 

alexandrajdiamond asked: How did your landlord/super feel about you painting the cabinets and bathroom? Did you have to get special permission? I rent in NYC and am always worried about these things. Thanks!


I did have to ask for permission first! My kitchen was in pretty rough shape, so I don’t think it really mattered to them, but my bathroom, sadly, will have to be painted white again when I move out…

Most landlords are ok with wall painting as long as you agree to paint them back when you’re going to move out.  Kitchen cabinets may be a tougher sell, but if you present your vision to your landlord, they may go along with it… just make sure you’re committed to doing a good job (and definitely get your agreement in writing so they can’t hold it against you later)!!! 

I plan on living in my apartment for quite a long while, so to me, the work was definitely worth it! 

Thanks for the question, hope that helps! 

An Overdue Potluck Brunch with Friends


When I moved to New York, I was incredibly lucky and excited to already have a close-knit group of friends from college here waiting for me. When you get the chance to move to the same city or town where some of your closest friends reside, you think “THIS WILL BE GREAT. I’LL SEE THEM ALLLLLLL THE TIME. WE’LL GO EVERYWHERE AND SEE EVERYTHING TOGETHER. BESSSSSTTTT FRIIIIENNNNNDS.” And the lyrics “reunited and it feeeels so good” begin to play in your head, and you see your future flash before you in a very rom-com, best friends forever, chick flick kind of sequence. 


(Rachel and Lex in Bloomington at a shindig we threw a few summers ago at our old house)

But let me tell you, that was THE MOST untrue assumption I made about moving to New York. You never see your friends. Friends that live two miles away, you see maybe once every blue moon. Granted, I know… it’s all about “making time” but everyone moves to New York for a reason. For a career, to be young and independent, to discover one’s self,  to find love…. whatever. And everyone gets very caught up in their reason. You talk to each other on the phone and say “Yes! One night next week! Drinks! Dinner! Sure!” and next week comes and goes and you get busy with work, or it’s negative 5,000 degrees outside, or you have a spin class to go to, or a hot date to go on…. and the drinks and dinner never happen. Weeks turn into months, and before you know it, you’ve lived in New York 7 months (like me) and you’ve seen those “BESSSSSSSTTT FRIIIENNNNDS” maybe twice. If you’re lucky.


Well, I got together with one of my closest friends/former roommates from college last weekend for brunch, and had so much fun catching up that we decided to make a date to hang again this weekend… And then we decided to call up all of our old Bloomington gal-pals in the city and make a potluck breakfast of it.

There was salad with strawberries, blueberries and brown-sugar pecans. Candied (yes, more brown sugar) bacon. Mini-fritattas with spinach and mushrooms. Roasted sweet potatoes with lemon-dill sauce. An apple-berry cobbler. COFFEE. So much coffee. And some very experimental bloody marys. When my ladies and I do homemade brunch, we pull out all the stops.


(this photo proves I’m obviously not a food blogger)


(like I said, some experimental and messy bloody marys) 

It was so great to have all of them over (this was actually my first real little party in my apartment… crazy, right? Where does the time go?) Everyone crammed into my little new york kitchen cooking away, laughing, being goofy…. it was really good for me, you know? January in the city is rough, so it was great to welcome in February (and 50 degree weather, HELLO SPRING! I know you’ll be gone again tomorrow) with something so very overdue.


I should have taken more pictures, and pictures NOT using my cellphone, but you know… when there’s hot food on the table, and multiple hungry girls waiting to eat… pictures don’t happen, food gets devoured.


We all made the promise to do this more often, and not let so many months go by without seeing one another, and I’m really hoping we stick to it. New York can be the loneliest place, but not if you’ve got your friends at your side (Whoops, I didn’t realize we had leftover cheese…)

Anyway, just another weekend come and gone here in New York, but it was definitely one of the better ones.

waywrd asked: In looove with your blog/apartment/everything. Keep it up babe :)

Thank you very much!  

Means a lot. :) 

citystreetfood asked: Where did you get that cart in the kitchen? It's so slim yet perfect. Thanks!

It’s from ikea!  Nothing fancy, haha. 

Life lately, as seen on my instagram!

Cooking classes, ice hiking, and music… Oh, my!