Today on the Bougie Brooklyn Kitchen: Tired of paying $10 for your favorite fancy jam? Pay $30 for the ingredients to make your own instead!! 

But really… I’m addicted to rosemary-blackberry jam, and I got tired of paying $10 a jar for it.  Decided to make my own, and it is AMAZING.  I even added a little fresh ginger for some kick.

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I feel like having an outdoor space like this in the city must be like having a pet unicorn. 

Those blues though.

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Another summer dream bedroom to lust after.  Cape Cod, anyone?

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Life in New York as of late.

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ashquang asked: Hi there! I just read your last post and loved that last line of yours; "It’s both inspiring and hysterical and I want to become their best friend," because I feel the EXACT same way! Lovelovelove Daniel, Max, and Manhattan Nest (once I tweeted a Daniel a question about Eames chairs and he tweeted back. It was deeply thrilling, completely made my day). Also, I have to tell you that I ADORE your apartment on Design Sponge and blog. Sorry if this was random, but I had to share :) Cheers!

hahaha, glad to hear others are big fans of Daniel and Max as well (I fear I’m a little late to the party.) What a dream, ya know??  One day I’ll find an old house and make it mine and cry over floor mishaps at 3am too.  Can’t wait.

Also, thank you for the lovely compliment!  It’s so exciting to hear when people have found their way here through the Design Sponge feature.  That was such fun.

Cheers to YOU!

My new favorite bag for summer came in the mail today!  

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Ideal Guest Bedrrom Scenario. To both host people in, and stay in myself! 

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Daniel and his fiance Max are basically living my This Old House dream come to life (dream house, dream demo, dream mess, dream refinishing, dreamdreamdream) out in Kingston, NY.  

I’m sure you already know about this blog, but just in case, take a read.  It’s both inspiring and hysterical and I want to become their best friend. 

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My Saturday felt way more like a Sunday.  Not Complaining. 

The start of Saturday dinner.

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Meet…Stephen Kenn ›


this LA-based furniture designer has fast become a favorite of ours—from head men’s designer, Frank, to our store design team (his utilitarian-style sofas sit in several of our stores, including New York Fifth Avenue and Los Angeles’s the Grove). we swung by Stephen’s studio for a cup of coffee (

Oh hi. Yep, I love you.

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It’s Friday, and I want to be here with a good book and a stiff drink.

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Life lately – via my instagram feed (I swear I have a resolution to start taking pictures with a real camera again.)

Hey Guys.  I feel like every other post here is me apologizing for being so absent.  Do you even notice?  Probably not, but this is my promise to be better.

Winter in NYC was rough.  Not the Midwest winters of my youth where the winter blahs were (kind of) easily fought off with a stiff hot toddy and a view of a snowy field, but the kind of winters that make one who usually loves ALL seasons for their own unique beauty throw up the middle finger and say GOODBYE NYC, HELLO PUERTO RICO (I did not go to Puerto Rico, this is purely a scenario my mind played out over and over whilst trudging through the unshoveled sidewalks of grey sludge in Brooklyn the past few months.)

HOWEVER—The earth has shifted… it’s getting warmer, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the sunrise has started streaming in my bedroom windows at approximately 10-minutes-til-6AM (! buying blackout shades this weekend, maybe ! ) and the color is returning to both me and my fellow New Yorker’s cheeks (and legs and arms and exposed mid-drifts that seem to be everywhere)

Last weekend I returned to my beloved Fort Greene Flea.  I walked from my apartment and admired the beautiful blooming flora and returning fauna and

g o r g e o u s (envy-inducing) architecture and brownstones in Clinton Hill.  I ate over-priced ice cream and lusted after all the selvedge furniture finds and the bearded men who wanted to sell me said furniture for approximately $10,000 per square inch (tell me—how does one find and marry one of these men?  I don’t even want to get married, but I think I would consider it for maybe .5 seconds longer than normal if it was to one of those gorgeous, bearded Brooklyn flea men who have a deep appreciation for old furniture, know how to work a hammer (probably more than a hammer) and want to grow up to be Norm Abram) *breath* everywhere I looked.

Anyway, my point is that I’m falling back in love with New York.  Not that I really fell out of love, but making it through my first winter here feels like some sort of relationship milestone. There were some really dark days there in February and March, but I survived, and now know that even though it may not feel like it, winter in the city eventually ends.  The spring returns, and what was once a sea of brown, grey, and sometimes yellow  slush will eventually go back to being the city I love (99% of the time.)

I promise to maybe/hopefully do a better job of updating this here bloggy-thing with cool looking pictures of homes I’d sell my first-born up the Nile for, and the occasional posting about what I’m up to here in NYC.