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I’m so ready for my final exams to be over and to go home for the holidays. Looking at Martha’s website is giving me so many ideas.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? 

Christmas arrived at my house in Bloomington this afternoon (it only took me three hours to get all the lights untangled and working)! 

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Here’s a photo of our table all decked out for Thanksgiving last year. It was just my mother, myself, and two of our dear friends.  This year, we’re expecting almost 20 people… our neighbors, several of my displaced friends from college, and a few other friends here and there. We’ve got some serious party-planning to do. How are you guys spending the holiday?

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I picked up my issue today, did you?! 

Domino will always be my bible. Always. Always. Always.  I’m hoping these “special issues” mean they might bring the magazine back full-time in the near future. 

Time to take down all of the decorations.  I’m honestly not quite ready.

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My bedroom at my mother’s house.  One of my favorite rooms to decorate for Christmas.